Olive oil: 12 frequently asked questions about olive oil and answers from those who produce it.

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Olive oil: 12 frequently asked questions about olive oil and answers from those who produce it.


What better time to talk about olive oil and specifically about Greek extra virgin olive oil and how to elevate your health, than now that the olive harvest will soon begin.

1.    What is olive oil?

 Olive oil is the product that we get when we take the fruit, in this case the olives. Then, we wash them, press them until they break and knead them at a low temperature, for a maximum of 30 minutes.


2.    Is Greek olive oil better than the Italian and the Spanish?

As it is already known worldwide, Spain is the country that produces the largest quantities of virgin olive oil, Italy exports the largest quantities of virgin olive oil and Greece produces the largest quantity and best quality of extra virgin olive oil.


3.    Is olive oil good for you ?

Yes it is!!! Daily use contributes to your health.
As you know monounsaturated fatty acids are the good fats, one of which is the oleic acid that the olive oil is full of! They make up about 77% of the total oil content.
Polyunsaturated, such as omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids make up about 14%.


4.    how much extra virgin olive oil to consume per day?

Greeks consume 20 liters of olive oil on average per year, according to the North American Olive Oil Association; the Spanish consume 15 liters and Italians 13 liters per person per year, as far as the Greeks are concerned, if you do the math you will find out that they consume about 55ml daily. So 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil is a good start for your health.




5.    Is olive oil good for weight loss?

The olive oil in combination with the Mediterranean diet helps you lose weight without being hungry since its consumption creates a feeling of fullness.
Two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil in your meals will help you feel full regardless of the portion. The systematic consumption of olive oil will help you lose weight more slowly but steadily.


6.    Which is the healthiest olive oil to buy?

The Greek extra virgin olive oil with low acidity, cold pressed and with polyphenols with great contribution to your health, is the best you can buy.

7.    Which country has the best olive oil?


The country that produces the best quality and the largest quantity of extra virgin olive oil with more polyphenols is Greece.

8.    What nutrients are high in olive oil?

As stated above Olive oil has a lot of good monounsaturated fats.
It has vitamins E and K (in a moderate amount), it has many antioxidants, polyphenols like oleocanthal, oleasin, etc. All those contribute to a good health. There is also the claim that «Olive oil polyphenols contribute to the protection of blood lipids from oxidative stress»







9.    Olive oil and lemon juice?

The nutritional properties of extra virgin olive oil when combined with lemon juice create a pentatonic mixture full of nutrients; in essence they create a natural medicine.
You lightly beat the mixture in equal parts until the ingredients are combined and you use it as a dressing. Some of the benefits are presented below:
It strengthens your immune system
It helps with digestion
It gives you energy
Lowers blood pressure
Reduces cholesterol

10.    Extra virgin olive oil health?

 In summary, the benefits of extra virgin olive oil are as follows.
Those who regularly consume extra virgin olive oil are much less likely to develop cardiovascular diseases, such as hypertension (high blood pressure), high cholesterol levels, it helps prevent strokes, helps prevent depression, helps prevent Alzheimer's disease as well as acute pancreatitis prevention, last but not least it protects the liver.

11.    Best olive oil for cooking?

 Extra virgin olive oil excels at cooking and frying usage as it is quite resilient to temperature.




12.    Olive oil cake?

The properties of olive oil make it ideal for cakes.
Replace the butter with extra virgin olive oil
The secret is a good beating of the sugar with the oil and when you add the sifted flour with the rest of the ingredients, just mix without beating and the cake is ready.


Extra virgin olive oil is a gift to man. From simple ingredients (the olive fruit) a product is made with high value for our health and well-being belonging in the family of the so-called superfoods.

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