Hellenic Organic Food to meet the needs quantitative and qualitative needs of her wholesale customers in products:

Extra virgin olive oil

Organic extra virgin olive oil

PDO KALAMATAS extra virgin olive oil

Kalamata  olives (bulk and packed in all sizes)

cooperates directly with selected groups of Greek producers and oil mills of the region, who meet the high quality standards, to give a high nutritional value product to our customer. The products, after being analyzed, and the quality of the organoleptic elements is tested, according to the specifications of the European and Greek legislation as well as to the quality standards of the customers, are packed with our own label, or the label that the customer will indicate (fason). At this point, we undertake Label check so that it meets the requirements of the legislation, as well as the printing to a co-company with very low prices and excellent quality.
The products are shipped by means of shipping that our clients have requested or with our partner agencies in Greece and almost every country of the world.
Our vision is to make our products your first choice and to rank us in the firm values of your business. Partnering with us, besides being commercial, is also about the interpersonal trust relationships that make the collaboration environment very simple.


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