Shipping policy

Shipping policy

Shipping within Hellas

There are basically two ways of shipping: by courier (1-3 work days) or by haulier (1-4 work days but you have to collect your order from the head office of the transport agency). All shipping costs are paid for by the recipient.
Shipping costs by courier are 4,34€ for up to 2 kilos. For every extra kilo, the charge is 0,86€. Costs may exceed these charges either because of the volume of the products or because your area may be characterized as inaccessible by the courier companies.

ATTENTION!: Shipping by courier to some isolated areas is still impossible. In these cases, shipping is made by post. For heavy objects it is cost effective to send them to you by haulier (transport agency). The charge in this case is between 5-15€ per package depending on the haulier (i.e. if 4 , 5-litre containers are in a cardboard box,  this is considered one package and therefore costs 5€ to go to Thessaloniki. If a 5-litre container in on its own, this is also a package and costs 5€ to go to Thessaloniki) and the volume of the package while COD is not accepted in this case. You have to make full payment in the aforementioned banks.
Your order will be sent to the address you have indicated by post or by the haulier we collaborate with. After the confirmation of your order, and when payment is made in full, we proceed to the immediate shipping of your order.

Shipping outside Hellas

•    Shipping abroad takes place by post or courier depending on the country of dispatch 
•    For most countries-members of the EU shipping costs start at 12.81€ and go up for every 10 kilos.
For heavy objects it is cost effective to send items by haulier (with collection of your order from the head office of the transport agency) after a telephone consultation. can dispatch its products allover the EU. For every change in your order you’ll be informed by e-mail. Our company is not responsible for any duties and taxes which apply in your country.

Conditions of shipment
Orders will be dispatched only when the following conditions of shipment are met: to be able to communicate with you about your order and its dispatch you have to notify us of a valid e-mail address and a valid telephone number which must be in operation until the completion of your order. The shipping address must be completed correctly and fully. Payment must have been made in full.

Prices may change without prior notice. Nevertheless, charges for orders which are in progress will be made with the prices effective on the day the order was placed.
Invoices can be issued to legal people. All necessary information must be filled in in the appropriate cell of the order form. An invoice can be issued, if requested, by the customer.