Our olive groves are located in Kalamata and around the area of Koroni which is a coastal area in the Prefecture of Messinia, 52 km southwest of Kalamata. They include trees which are hundreds of years old as well as new ones of the Koroneiki variety. They grow traditionally on the land of our ancestors ( it is not a coincidence that a variety of olives was named after this small town ) where the microclimate of the area, with the gentle breeze blowing off the sea and the mild rainfall, create an almost magical scenery, perfectly suitable for the proper growth of the olive tree.

Our trees are grown with love and are non-irrigated we use only the most natural of methods. The only cultivation is pruning and careful weeding using a special “destroyer” since ploughing can harm roots which are very close to the surface.

The olives are collected by hand one by one so as not to harm the tree and the olive oil is produced in cold below 27 degrees Celcius. Τhe standardization process is done in an automatic stainless steel Macine of capacity 1500 bottles/time and the warehousing of the olive oil is done in stainless tanks.

The whole unit is certified with ISO-HACCP 22OOO: 2005. For our organic products we are certified by the organisation of inspection and certification of organic products DHO, while for the products of protected designation of origin ( POP ) by the certification and supervision organisation of Agricultural products ( O.P.E.GE.P ), with a distinctive title AGROCERT.

Its acidity, is average 0,3%, the low levels of K232, K270, its richness in polyphenols, and vitamin and its fruity aroma with a slightly spicy taste, renders our oil not a regular oil but a natural supplement which is greatly beneficial to our health. The result is a product of high nutritional value.

( It should be noted that oleocanthal and oleacein present important biological activity and they have been related with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, cardioprotective and neuroprotective activity )

Analysis of olive oil from the University of Athens.