Sweet pumpkin pie

Posted by elmoute 01/06/2018 0 COMMENTS RECIPES,


•    3 kilos yellow pumpkin
•    3 tsp cinnamon
•    3 tsp clove
•    3 tsp salt
•    ½ kilo sesame
•    600 g walnut
•    1 packet of pastry -“filo”
•    500 g honey
•    300 g sugar
•    1 teacup extra virgin olive oil

We peel the pumpkin and cut the inside in small pieces. After, we place in a pot and boil until it is very, very soft. We let it drain. We sauté it until it is completely dry and then let it cool off. In another pot we place the oil and all the other ingredients except for the honey and walnuts. We place half of the pastry on a greased roasting pan and grease between the pastries. We mix the walnut with the cinnamon and the clove and place half of the mixture on the pastry. We then top with the ingredient with the pumpkin. We place the rest of the walnut-cinnamon-clove mixture on the pumpkin and top with the rest of the pastry greasing in between. We cut the top pastry in squares with a knife and bake at 150 C for 1 hour. When we take it out we pour the honey everywhere. We let it soak a bit and it is ready.