Commitment of Hellenic Organic food

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We in,  the company of Hellenic organic  food,  are faith full to the tradition and values and by waiting to give a product of high nutrihonal of the consumer, we preserve all the constituents of olive oil.

We try to be with our choices at the lowest levels of the granted scale of acidity K 232, K270…!
This with rich sensory components, that with their presence, they give to kalamata’s olive oil diversity and make it first in taste and quality. Our oil comes from olives from koroneiki variety, as our groves are located in the region of Kalamata and Koroni of Messinia  (from where the entire range was named and became famous around the world) developing their fruit to the mocroclime of the area.

The standardization process is being done in an automatic stainless steel with capability of 1500 bottles per hour and the olive oil’s storage is being done in stainless steel tanks, the whole unit is certified with ISO-HACCP 22000:2005
Our organic products are certified by DIO and our (PDO) protect destination of origin products are certified with AGROCERT.

This efford from our side is aimed at informing the consumer and increasing his knowledge in quality oils and it is also an informal contract to someone who prefers to supply olive oil from Hellenic organic food, that the product will have the highest quality.