The best extra virgin olive oil in the world

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The olive oil is the basis of the Mediterranean diet. The richness in polyphenols, vitamin E, fruity aroma and slightly spicy taste, make our oil not just an ordinary olive oil, but a herbal supplement that is very beneficial for our health.

The daily consumption of olive oil strengthens the body defence against viral infections and other diseases, contributes to lower total and bad cholesterol, protects against heart disease and could predispose to lower blood pressure and provide wrinkle protection.

The use of olive oil in the pan is recommended over any other oil or fat as it is more resistant to high temperatures. To get the maximum benefit, it is advised to consume it raw and to add it at the end of cooking. It is suitable for a healthy diet, rich in monounsaturated and cholesterol-free, ideal for white meat, grilled fish, pasta, cold sauces and vegetables.

Our competitive advantage is the combination of excellent quality at real low price offering unbeatable value.