Okra in oil for 6 people

Posted by elmoute 05/06/2018 0 COMMENTS RECIPES,

•    2 kilos okra
•    5-6 big onions
•    1 wine glass of vinegar
•    2 teacups of tomato juice
•    2 teacups of extra virgin olive oil
•    2 tbsp salt

We cut the stem off the okra and then wash it. We let them dry completely and then put them in a bowl, pour in the vinegar and leave them there for half an hour. We stir them so the vinegar can wet them all. We cut the onions in rings and we sauté them in the oil. We add the tomato juice and we let it dry so that it stays only with the oil. We add the okra and stir only once or twice. We add enough water to cover them. We let them boil till they get soft enough to pinch with a fork. They are served either hot or cold.