HELLENIC ORGANIC FOOD with deep knowledge in the olive oil produces and standardizes the olive juice in dark green glass UVAG bottles and tinplate cans of all sizes wanting in this way to bring the product to the consumer's plate intact, free of the influence of the environment.

We guarantee that the product is always fresh, still in its original condition with taste, flavor, and organoleptic ingredients until the expiry date since we have isolated, to the maximum extent, all external influences to the product.

The products we offer are:

EXTRA virgin olive oil of low acidity

EXTRA virgin organic olive oil of low acidity

EXTRA virgin olive oil PDO Kalamata low acidity

KALAMATA olives in all sizes in red vinegar and olive oil with aromatic herbs

Spread of Kalamata Olives

We can guarantee the uninterrupted supply of your business in any quantity.